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This Week's News

This week’s newsletter: PDF icon Bamidbar / Shavuos

Mazel Tov
To Mr & Mrs Michael Freedman on the birth of a grandson to Mr & Mrs Avi Blachman. The Sholom Zochor takes place at 13 East Meade

JRRC Appeal
We once again welcome Alex Strom who will speak Friday night for the annual JRRC appeal. donations can be given to Chizky Salomon.

Tikkun Leil
There will be a Tikun Leil on first night Yom Tov where people can learn b’Chavrusa in the hall (in conjunction with Manchester Mesivta) or Shiur rooms or attend the Shiurim in the main Shul. details on the newsletter.

Annual Siyum Mishnayos
Make sure you have learnt your mishnayos in time for the Siyum which will take place at the Oneg Yom tov on 2nd day Yom Tov.

Oneg Yom Tov
All members are invited to the Oneg Yom Tov which will take place on second day yom tov after Mincha, details on newsletter

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The Week Ahead

Bamidbar, Shavuos

1st Mincha
Candle Lighting
Seder HaLimud
Sof Zman K.S.
1st Mincha
2nd Mincha
3rd Mincha
Rov’s Shiur
Maariv & M. Shabbos
Mon / Thurs
Tues Rosh Chodesh
Wed / Fri
Mincha & Maariv
Late Maariv

7.56pm – 8.00pm
7.15am / 8.20am
6.45am / 7.10am / 8.00am
6.30am / 7.00am / 8.00am
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