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This Week's News

This week’s newsletter: PDF icon Parshas Behar

Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Mrs YY Katz on birth of a grandson, born to Rabbi & Mrs Refoel Katz.

Chayim Aruchim
Chayim Aruchim to Mrs Anne Wilks on the Petirah of her late mother, Mrs Martin-Sklan, The Shiva takes place in Israel.
Chayim Aruchim to Mr Bobby (Aron) Graham on the Petirah of his late mother, Mrs Herta Graham. He is sitting Shiva until Monday morning at 91 Cavendish Road. Shacharis at 7.10am, Mincha 7.15pm and Maariv at 10.20pm

Annual Mishnayos Siyim
A reminder that the annual Siyum Mishnayos takes place on Shabbos Parshas Behaalosecha. This year we are learning Sedorim Moed and Noshim. There are still some slots available to learn, see the list on the notice wall.

Lag B’Omer BBQ
Thank you to family Issler for hosting the annual BBQ and to Marcel and Dan for the cooking. A good time was had by all with plenty of food and drink plus entertainment on the side – pictures on the newsletter.

The Week Ahead

Parshas Behar

Candle Lighting7.46-7.55pm
סוף זמן ק”ש8.58am
1st Mincha2.00pm
2nd Mincha6.00pm
3rd Mincha9.30pm
Rov’s ShiurFollowing
Maariv & Motzei Shabbos10.35pm
Sunday7.15am / 8.20am
Mon Bank Holiday7.10am / 8.10am
Tues / Wed / Fri6.45am / 7.20am / 8.00am
Thursday6.45am / 7.10am / 8.00am
Mincha & Maariv7.45pm
Late Maariv10.30pm