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This Week's News

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Mazel Tov
Mazal Tov to Mr and Mrs Yehuda Issler on the engagement of Shuli to Avi Salomon. Mazel Tov also to grandparents Mr and Mrs David Issler.
Mazel Tov to Mr and Mrs Yitzchok Douek on the birth of a baby boy

Arichas Yomim
We wish Arichas Yomim to Mrs Barbara Benatar on the Petirah of her father this week in South Africa

The Week Ahead

For the times over Yom Tov please see the newsletter

Parshas Metzora – Shabbos HaGadol

Candle Lighting7.16pm – 7.25pm
סוף זמן ק”ש9.37am
1st Mincha1.45pm
Ovos uBonim5.00pm
2nd Mincha6.00pm
3rd Mincha8.01pm
Rov’s ShiurFollowing
Maariv & Motzei Shabbos9.06pm
Sunday7.15am / 8.20am
Mon / Thurs6.45am / 7.10am / 8.00am
Tues / Wed / Fri6.45am / 7.20am / 8.00am
Mincha & Maariv7.45pm
Late Maariv10.00pm