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This Week's News

This week’s newsletter: PDF icon Tazria Metzora

Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to the to Mr and Mrs Mark Jacobson on the occasion of Talia’s Bas Mitzvah this week.

Kiddush This Shabbos
There will be a Kiddush after Davenning this Shabbos sponsored partly by Mr & Mrs Daniel Harris (in honour of his father’s Yahrzeit this Shabbos – Chaim Aruchim), and partly as a farewell to family Grant Pakter (who are moving to London – Hatzolocho Rabo!).
Mr & Mrs Avrohom Moishe Begal invite the Kehillo to a Kiddush after Davening at the home of Mr & Mrs Frenchie Freedman, 26 Moor Lane, to celebrate the recent birth of their daughter, Aviva Rochel.

Kids Group Restarts
The kids group for years 4-6 restarts this Shabbos at 10.00am.

Bank Holiday Yom Iyun
We will be holding a Yom Iyun in conjunction with Manchester Mesivta this Monday on the Sugya of Sefiras HaOmer starting at 10.00am – see newsletter for further details.

Siyum Mishnayos
Once again we will have a Siyum the Shabbos after Shavuos of Mishnayos learned together as a Kehilla. This year we will be learning Sedorim Nezikin and Kodshin. Members are encouraged to learn Mishnayos​ individually or Bechavrusa, the list is on the notice wall in the foyer and there are still a few Mishnayos available.

The Week Ahead

Shmini, Mevorchin Iyar

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