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Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Mr and Mrs Simcha Shadmi on the engagement of Ari to Chavi Bude from London.
Mazel Tov to Dr and Mrs Michael Wilks on the wedding this week of their grandson.

Save The Date
Save the date for the Chanuka fun afternoon on Sunday 13th December until Mincha followed by Menorah lighting with guest speaker.

The Week Ahead

Parshas Vayeitze

Candle Lighting3.42pm
Seder HaLimud8.40am
סוף זמן ק”ש9.56am
1st Mincha1.30pm
Rov’s Shiur3.03pm
2nd Mincha3.33pm
סעודה שלישיתFollowing
Maariv & Motzei Shabbos4.53pm
Ovos uBonim6.08pm
Sunday7.15am / 8.20am
Mon / Thurs6.45am / 7.10am / 8.00am
Tues / Wed / Fri6.45am / 7.20am / 8.00am
Mincha & Maariv3.40pm
Late Maariv8.00pm