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This Week's News

This week’s newsletter: PDF icon Parshas Mishpotim

Mazal Tov

Mazel Tov to Dr and Mrs David Wolfson on the birth of a granddaughter, born to Mr and Mrs Dovid Benveniste.
Mazel Tov to Mr and Mrs Malcolm Fagelman on the recent birth and Bris of a grandson, to Mr and Mrs Yitzi Hirsch in London

Kiddush This Shabbos
There will be a Kiddush after Davenning in honour of Shabbos Mevorchin which is, at yet, unsponsored. To sponsor all or part, please contact Oshi Wilks.

Ladies First Aid Course
We have arranged a paediatric first aid course for ladies with Mr Nussi Burns. It will be on Sundays 14th and 21st February from 7.00-9.00pm. Cost for both sessions will be £10 for members or £15 for non members. To register interest or for more information please contact Esther Blima Graff 07704327082.

The Week Ahead

Parshas Mishpotim – Shabbos Mevorchin Adar Aleph

Candle Lighting4.43pm
סוף זמן ק”ש10.04am
1st Mincha1.30pm
Rov’s ShiurNot this Shabbos
2nd Mincha4.33pm
סעודה שלישיתFollowing
Maariv & Motzei Shabbos5.53pm
Ovos uBonim7.08pm
Sunday7.15am / 8.20am
Mon / Thurs6.45am / 7.10am / 8.00am
Tues / Wed Rosh Chodesh6.30am / 7.00am / 8.00am
Friday6.45am / 7.20am / 8.00am
Mincha & Maariv4.50pm
Late Maariv8.00pm