Details of the executive and sub-committees of the Shul are below, they will be pleased to discuss any matter relating to the Shul.

Please note it is not always possible to receive a timely response as the executive only have formal meetings periodically though they do liaise regularly and will endeavour to deal with queries promptly.

PresidentAvi Stern
TreasurerAdrian Rodrigues-Pereira
Shabbos GabboimMichael Freedman, Oshi Wilks
Weekday GabboimMarc Cohen – 1st Minyan
Avi Stern – 2nd Minyan Noach Fletcher – 3rd Minyan
MembershipAdrian Rodrigues-Pereira
Kinyan SeforimAvi Stern
ZY Gemach (Loans)Michael Wilks, Mark Duman
KiddushimAvi Stern, Oshi Wilks
Shalosh SeudasMarcel Marks
Ovos uBonimMarcel Marks
Family ActivitiesYitzchok & Chana Brocho Steinhaus
Shabbos HospitalityDavid Jacobs
Girls Rosh ChodeshEsti Epstein , Dena Freedman
Meals & ChessedSarah Dolties, Abigail Tabor, Natalie Morhaim
Burial BoardMichael Freedman, Avi Stern Adrian Rodrigues-Pereira
Hall BookingsChizky Salomon

The Gabboim respectfully request that members remind them when they have a Chiyuv for an Aliya for a Simcha or Yahrzeit. Please be aware we do not make Azkoras on days when Tachanun would not be said. Accordingly please determine the nearest Shabbos and notify the Gabboim accordingly.