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This Week's News

This week’s newsletter: PDF icon Shlach

Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Avi and Kimberley Schwartz on the birth of a boy. The Sholom Zochor takes place at 65 Scholes Lane from 10pm.
Mazel Tov to Michael and Bayla Brandeis on the recent Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Oshi Brandeis in London and the wedding last week of their granddaughter Shifra Plancey to Ari Rogoff in London.

There will be a Kiddush after davening sponsored by Eliezer Issler as a הודאה.

Chaim Aruchim
We wish Chaim Aruchim to the following who have Yahrtzeit this week:
Fri, 2nd Tammuz – Rafi Green for his father
Fri, 2nd Tammuz – Michael Freedman for his father

The Week Ahead

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