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מזל טוב
Mazel Tov to the members of the Shul who took part in being Mesayem Shass at the recent Yom Hashass in Leeds, especially the high school boys: Aharon Bursk, Shmuel Chaim Epstein, Yitzi Freedman, Dovi Green, Sruli Guttentag, Eli Ritvo, Moshe Stern and Naftoli Stern

The SCP Kiddush Siyum celebrating last Zman’s (Hilchos Seuda) Mesaymim will take place after davening. Mazel Tov to all those who received their Semichas Chaver certificates this week.
The Kiddush has partially been sponsored in honour of the birth of Eliezer Simcha Friedman, Zev Ritvo’s birthday and as a Refuah Shleimo for Aron Chaim ben Chana.
Roy and Brocha Dinowitz invite the Kehillah to a Kiddush in honour of the recent birth of their daughter Libby at 1 Oakwell Mansions, off Bury Old Road opp Park Road from 11.45

Chaim Aruchim
We wish Chaim Aruchim to the following who have Yahrtzeit this week:
Mon, 24th Addar – Eric Sievers for his father
Thurs, 27th Addar – Naomi Lewin for her mother

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