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This Week's News

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מזל טוב
Mazel Tov to Mordechai and Malky Sinason on the birth of their daughter, Esther Chana
Mazel Tov to the Rov and Rebbetzen on the Bar Mitzva of their grandson, Avrohom Moishe Royde, in Shul this week.
Mazel Tov to Marcel and Beverley Marks on the wedding this Tuesday in Israel of Yisrael Chaim to Tali Kauffman daughter of R’ Gedalia and Mandi Kauffman from Ramat Bet Shemesh

Chaim Aruchim
We wish Chaim Aruchim to the following who have Yahrtzeit this week:
Shabbos, 16th Sivan – Angela Addleman for her mother
Sun, 17th Sivan – Michael Lewin for his father
Fri, 22nd Sivan – Laurence Ross for his father

The Week Ahead

Mincha & K.S.
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