Following updated guidance and a day of discussion with our Rabbonim and Trustees it is with a heavy heart that we inform the Kehilla that we will be closing the building for all Minyanim and Shiurim with immediate effect. Current guidance also advises against holding private Minyanim in houses which would actually increase the rate of transmission.

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This Week's News

This week’s newsletter: PDF icon Vayakel Pekudei

Davening Times
Although unfortunately the Shul is closed, as there is an Inyan to Daven at the same time as the Tzibbur does, we have included the times as normal.

Mazel Tov
Mazel tov to Gary and Orley Zolty on the wedding this week of Tehilla to Chanina Broder.
Mazel Tov to Ari and Noemi Craimer on the occasion of Orly’s Bas Mitzvah.

Mechiras Chometz
This can be either done online with The Federation at or via the Manchester Beis Din by completing their form (available on request by emailing and posting it to the Rov’s house or direct to the Beis Din, or if that is not an option by emailing it to .

Maos Chitin
Donations for the Rov’s Ma’os Chittim collection, which unfortunately will be appreciated more than in previous years, can be posted to the Rov’s house or paid online to: ZY Gemach Ltd, Sort Code 77-19-09, Account Number: 29350768 Reference: MOSCHIT

If any member feels they need any extra support, whether financial, social or otherwise, in these difficult times, feel free to contact in confidence any of the executive, R’ Shaya or the Rov.

Pesach Newsletter
In this turbulent time and with so many people in isolation, what better use of one’s time can there be than writing words of Divrei Torah! Please contact Boruch Michaels to select which part of the Seder you would prefer to write about: Mobile/Whatsapp: 07419747766, Email:

R’ Shayas Shiurim
R’ Shayas Shiurim are being broadcast on Zoom – use the link
6.15am Daf Yomi, 8.15pm Gemoro, 9.15pm Halochos of the Seder
From Sunday R’ Shaya is starting Gemara Pesachim ק”ח with the Mesivta. All are invited every morning at 10am using the following link

The Week Ahead

Ki Sisa, Parshas Poroh

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