Details of the executive and sub-committees of the Shul are below, they will be pleased to discuss any matter relating to the Shul.

Please note it is not always possible to receive a timely response as the executive only have formal meetings periodically though they do liaise regularly and will endeavour to deal with queries promptly.

President Avi Stern
Treasurer Marc Zemmel
Shabbos Gabboim Harrison Kauffman and Michael Freedman
Weekday Gabboim

Ari Craimer – 1st Minyan
Harrison Kauffman – 2nd Minyan

Michael Ross – 3rd Minyan

Membership Avi Stern and Marc Zemmel
Kinyan Seforim Avi Stern
ZY Gemach (Loans) Michael Wilks, Mark Duman
Kiddushim Avi Stern, Binyomin Dunner
Shalosh Seudas Marcel Marks
Ovos uBonim Ari Scherer
Family Activities Yitzchok & Chana Brocho Steinhaus
Shabbos Hospitality David Jacobs and Ben First
Ladies Events Yael Black, Bruria Brysh, Yocheved Jacobson, Gila Wittler
Meals & Chessed Rifka Klyne, Lauri Black, Talia Blackston, Liz Gordon
Burial Board Michael Freedman, Adrian Rodrigues-Pereira, Avi Stern
Hall Bookings Chizky Salomon

The Gabboim respectfully request that members remind them when they have a Chiyuv for an Aliya for a Simcha or Yahrzeit. Please be aware we do not make Azkoras on days when Tachanun would not be said. Accordingly please determine the nearest Shabbos and notify the Gabboim accordingly.