In 2018 as part of the successful merger with ‘The Beis’ which R’ Shaya headed, he was appointed assistant Rov of the Shul. As well as bringing a vibrant Beis Medrash Programme, the varied Shiurim of The Beis complemented the existing Shiur schedule of the Shul.

Brought up in Salford, R’ Shaya attended Jewish day and Jewish Grammar (Manchester Mesivta) schools followed by several years in Gateshead Yeshiva and Mir Yeshiva in Israel. After returning to Manchester with Rebbetzen Rifka and his young family he joined Whitefield Kollel and Kollel Maleches Machsheves (based in Manchester Mesivta). These gave him the opportunity to interact within the community as well as mentoring teenage boys, Chassanim and young married men. He went on to teach in Yavneh 6th form and Mesivta 6th form as well as running The Beis learning program and giving nightly shiurim in Gemara and Halacha. R’ Shaya has received Semicha from Rav Chaim Smulowitz.

Since joining the Shul R’ Shaya has been expanding the learning in the Shul including regular Hashkafa Shiurim and Vaadim, leading a Daf Hayomi Chabura and giving Yom Tov, Shovavim and other seasonal Shiurim. He is also working closely with and being mentored by R’ Berel.

R’ Shaya also runs a Legal and Halachic Estate Planning Practice.